Mobile Website Launched

After a lot of hard work, we have our mobile website up and running. Below is a screenshot showing what the app looks like on an Iphone.

Statewide Title Mobile App

Although this looks and feels just like an Iphone App, it is really a mobile website, therefore it can run on a wide variety of smart phones, including the Droid and many others.

We have tried to incorporate as many useful features as we could into the app. One of the more handy features is the title rate calculators. You can now calculate the title premium for an Owners or Loan Title Policy right on your phone. You can also order a title commitment from your phone as well as get closing costs fees, contact us, and a lot more.

Getting the app could be easier, just point your mobile web browser to our main website ( and our server should automatically detect that you are on a smart phone and redirect you to the app. If for some reason it doesn’t, just point your mobile web browser directly to the mobile site at and you will be up and running. If you prefer, there is a qr-code image below that you can scan with your smartphone and it will take you there.

Once you have the app pulled up and running, you can add it to your homepage and it will install an icon that looks and feels just like a regular Iphone app. If you do this, all you have to do in the future is tap on the icon to run the app.

We hope that you find this app useful and as always, we appreciate your business. Thanks for using Statewide Title!


Statewide Title QR Code

Scan With Your Smartphone To Visit Statewide Title's Mobile Website!


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