What is an Abstract of Title


What is an Abstract of Title

An Abstract of Title is a condensed history of the ownership of a parcel of land based on a search of the public records.

An abstract of title, or title abstract, summarizes briefly the various instruments appearing in the chain of title to the land that affect ownership. Abstracts were once used almost exclusively when closing a land sale, however, today they have most been replaced by title insurance.

The process of determining ownership of a parcel of property by searching and examining an abstract is a complex and laborious chore. Many times the abstract will not contain all of the transactions or proceedings that might affect ownership of the property. The title searcher, or abstractor as they are often called, usually a trained professional, must ensure that the title abstract is complete in every way.

An abstractor must search many different record sources to verify that the title to a parcel of land is true and correct. The abstractor verifies the original government land plat and patent and then searches the grantor and grantee indices to develop a chain of title.

You can search for Alabama Land Grants and Alabama Tract Books and Patents by searching the Alabama Secretary of State Land Records by clicking here.

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