Affirmative Coverage

Affirmative Coverage

Lenders frequently request affirmative coverage for listed policy exceptions. Most requests will involve either survey matters, restrictive covenants, liens, or pending litigation. Consideration is given to the question of whether the coverage is available, and the exact language which is to appear in the policy. Affirmative coverage in situations which are inappropriate or with less than concise language can expose the
underwriters to unreasonable risk and therefore may not be available..

The most commonly requested affirmative coverage relates to survey matters. These may be either questions regarding the legal description, encroachments of improvements over boundary lines, encroachments into easements, or violations of setback lines. A careful review of the survey is made by the underwriter i and a determination is made of the availability of affirmative coverage.

Affirmative coverage as to restrictive covenants is often requested when the insured requests assurance that the restrictions either do not apply to the property or have not been violated.

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